Pocket for Stuff

Having to constantly look for a place to store your cash or cards during a workout can be super annoying. We’ve all left our personal belongings somewhere at the gym and panicked until we remember we left our stuff at one of the machines. With the Transporter Jug you never have to worry about leaving your belongings behind or having them stolen. Hydration Junkie created the Transporter Jug as a carry-all jug built for organization and efficiency. We’ve added a pocket on the side of the jug thats perfect for sliding in your cards or cash. You can also keep your gym membership card and ID in your Transporter Jug pocket, so you never forget to bring either to their destination.

What makes the Transporter Jug so great is that the materials are made from a high-quality US made plastic called Tritan. We chose it because it’s a BPA/BPS free medical grade plastic that’s the safest on the market. Never worry about your water jug damaging on the gym floor or elsewhere and ruining your cards or cash. Plus, we made sure the jug is dishwasher safe, so you can stick it in the dishwasher. We don’t settle for less than perfection, which is why the Transporter jug has been tweaked and changed to get to its current state. We want you not to worry about being organized while staying hydrated. Order your Transporter Jug today. We ship everywhere USPS and FedEx deliver.