Hydration Junkie FAQ

 What is the Transporter jug's volume capacity?
3L / 0.79gallons

 Is the jug dishwasher safe?
Yes, the plastic we use is certainly dishwasher safe. However, due to additional components such as the magnet, carabiner, and etc, we recommend that you hand wash the jug. If you do decide to use dishwasher, be sure to remove the top handle, caps, and the carabiner.

 Is the Transporter jug FDA approved and BPA free?
The Transporter jug is FDA approved and the material is BPA free.
Hydration Junkie uses industry-leading plastic manufacturer, Eastman.

 What is the material made from
Made in the USA, Tritan, the industry leading and safest material on the market.
Baby bottles often use the same high-grade material.

 Where do you ship?
We ship everywhere USPS delivers.
Exceptions may apply for international shipments.

 How does the phone attach to the bottle?
The Transporter will arrive with a metal plate (2"x3") that you can attach to your phone.
You can also use your existing plate, if you have one - i.e same plates that phone car mounts use.
Once you attach the metal plate to your phone, you can attach the phone to the jug; the phone attaches to multiple magnets, that are covered with PVC, to ensure strong resistance and protection for the magnets.

 Is there warranty?
We fully stand behind our products and offer limited lifetime guarantee. See our warranty page for additional details.

 Does the jug leak?
Jugs will not leak if the large mixing cap & the small drinking cap are fully tightened.
 How can I apply discounts?
Discount codes will be provided through sale events, giveaways, and/or by      someone who is directly involved with Hydration Junkie. Only one discount code or a free giveaway can be used per order. Discount codes are not allowed to be used with any discounted items.
Free products/giveaways are applicable only when main products are purchased for regular price; exempt from sale/discounted products. 

 How can I contact you?
You can contact us via our social channels on Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram.
Additionally, you can email us at

 Should I tag Hydration Junkie on my pictures and posts?
YES! We would love to get love from our customers. You can tag Hydration Junkie in your content and use #HydrationJunkie, #CarrySmart, #HydrateSmart hashtags.