About Us


Hi, my name is Felix Teper, Founder & Inventor of Hydration Junkie and the Transporter Jug. Why did I create it? Easy. It all came from my personal experience while moving from city to city (attending 10 different gyms over the years) during my wife's medical school journey. So as a fitness and hydration enthusiast (I like water a lot!), I decided to do something about it. And so the multifunctional jug was born and launched at Mr. Olympia 2018 where we sold out the entire inventory in 3 hours on day 1. 

Today, we're proud to announce that our Patent was granted in March of 2020.

Felix has 17 years of experience in consumer sales and logistics under his belt. He speaks product development as a second language. Hydration Junkie® was born out of his own experiences at the gym. He was always leaving his stuff on the dirty floor, and over time, he noticed that every other person working out near him was having the same problem. Because of his background in product development, Felix doesn’t settle for less than perfection, which is why the Transporter jug has been tweaked and changed to get to its current state.