Water Bottle Solution

The Real Gym Struggle

What is your biggest struggle when it comes to working out at the gym? For some people, it's mustering up the motivation to get to the gym. For those of us who have no problem getting to the gym, it’s needing more hands once we are there. Completing a workout is tiring enough without adding the stress and annoyance of keeping track of your keys, phone, and water bottle as you move through your workout. We were tired of juggling our belongings, so we created the Transporter Jug.

With the Hydration Junkie Transporter jug, there is no more gym juggle. It is easy to carry, 3-liter capacity gym jug that carries your phone, wallet, and keys for you. This water jug saves you from putting your belongings in a locker, on the floor, in your pocket, or jostling around in a treadmill cup holder, it keeps your cards and cash close, and it holds your keys, so you don’t have to. The Transporter Jug is a first-of-its-kind 3 Liter water jug that does all the heavy lifting for you.

Less juggling belongings, fewer trips to the water fountain, and more time to focus on your workout. The Transporter Jugs keeps you hydrated and leaves your hands free for your workout!

The Gym Jug You Need

Hydration Junkie created the Transporter Jug because we saw a need. A need for a little extra help when we’re getting our workout in. We were tired of juggling all of our belongings as we worked through our circuit at the gym and tired of making frequent trips to the water fountain to refill and stay hydrated.

We created one water bottle that solved all of our problems. No more juggling our belongings, running out of water, or even struggling to get the perfect gym selfie! The Transporter Jug isn’t your average water jug, it’s the jacked version. It is helpful, practical, and carries all of your belongings FOR you. It was made with avid gym goers in mind and does everything you wished your other water bottles did.

This water jug is no joke when it comes to keeping you hydrated. The Transporter Jug holds three liters of water in safe, the USA made taste free plastic, allowing you to complete your workout without having to stop and find a water fountain. We know 3 liters can be challenging to carry around, but the Transporter was created with that in mind. It comes with two easy to carry, no-slip handles that stay in your grip no matter how sweaty your hands may be.

Do you like your gym hydration ice cold? Or with a little added boost? The Transporter Jug has two nesting caps. The larger opening allows you to add protein powder or ice to the bottle easily – kissing those pesky funnels goodbye.  The second smaller opening makes drinking easy and prevents spilling.

Way more than just 3 liters of hydration, let the Transporter jug carry everything for you. The only water jug with a place for your phone, wallet, and keys.  The Transporter has a magnet to keep your cellphone close, off the floor, and at the perfect angle for those #gymselfies or allowing you to watch workout videos. It also has a carabiner that will keep your keys close and a card pouch for cash and cards!

The Transporter has it all. Keep all your exercise essentials in one place with the multi-tasking Hydration Junkie Transporter Water Jug. Sick of your average water bottle, try the Transporter it has all the functions of a typical jug along with convenient features that make getting around the gym easier.

A Gym Water Bottle That Can Multitask

When you’re at the gym working out, the last thing that you want to think about is keeping track of your belongings. All of us had felt that moment of panic when we realized that we left our phone, wallet, and keys at the last station we were working at. It is a common problem found with many avid gym goers.

Well, the Hydration Junkie Transporter Jug solves all these problems with one easy to carry, USA Made, 3-liter water jug.  Long gone are the days of weighed down gym shorts and tripped over car keys.

With the Hydration Junkie Transporter jug, there is no more panic due to misplaced belonging or annoyance getting your belongings from station to station. This water jug saves you from putting your belongings far away in a locker, on the floor at your station or in your class, or weighing down your pockets. The Transporter Jug keeps your phone, your cards and your cash close, and it holds your keys, so you don’t have to.  Imagine being able to carry just one thing from station to station at the gym? The Transporter makes that possible!

The Transporter Jug doesn’t just keep your things close, it is also a state of the art water jug made with durable plastic right here in the USA. It’s is equipped with nesting caps- a large one to allow you to easily add protein or ice to your water and a smaller on that makes drinking easy.    

The Transporter is a first-of-its-kind gym water jug that carries all your belongings and keeps you hydrated.


Hydration with Efficiency and Organization in Mind

Not a frequent gym-goer? No problem! Hydration Junkie's water jug is designed for ANYONE wanting to stay hydrated. Our patent pending water jug keeps you organized and efficiently hydrated no matter the location. Whether you are looking for a water bottle replacement for the home, office or on-the-go, Hydration Junkie's water jug has got your back.