Two Openings

The Transporter Jug is first of its kind water jug. It’s a hands-free, carry-all jug built for organization and efficiency. And we mean it when we say efficiency. We were so dedicated to creating a water solution that met our customers’ needs that we developed two openings on the Transporter Jug. One opening is designed for convenient drinking. Don’t worry about spilling water all over your shirt at the gym. We designed the opening for drinking to be perfect size for the outgoing water stream that is also mess resistant.  The other opening is specifically for refills, mixing your workout essentials, or to drop ice in. You can throw those annoying mixing funnels in the trash and say goodbye to spills.




There’s nothing more annoying than trying to shove ice cubes into a tiny water bottle. And you won’t get supplements powder all over the place anymore either. We wanted to omit messes and reduce the amount of supplements that dont make it into your water. After a good workout, you don’t want to drink a supplement filled drink that’s missing some of it’s vital benefits because you spilled half of it on the floor. Additionally, we made sure we chose plastic that’s odor free! We’ve forgotten to rise our water bottles out on time before and know things can get smelly, especially if supplements and protein powder is added. Never worry about your  Transporter Jug getting smelly. However, don’t use that as a reason to skimp on washing your jug. We made sure we chose dishwasher safe plastic but recommend hand washing due to the magnet and other components.