Tritan Plastic: Why Does it Matter in Your Water Jug?

At Hydration Junkie, we take staying healthy very seriously. We make it our point to provide all of our customers with a top of the line, reusable water jug that will quickly become your best friend at the gym or on the go.  

As we are sure you are aware, your bulk grocery store water bottles or most other reusable water bottles aren’t environmentally friendly. They take up a lot of space in landfills, often end up in the ocean impacting marine life, and the toxins found in the manufacturing and drying process of that plastic in those disposable bottles often seeps into the water you drink. 

Here are 3 reasons why the plastic, Tritan, used in the Hydration Junkie Transporter is better than other plastic options out there. 

Eco-Friendly, reusable, and BPA/BPS Free

If you’ve ever wandered the water bottle aisle at your local Target, you are likely bombarded with several bottles boasting BPA FREE! Want to know what that means? Keep reading. 

Hydration Junkie uses Tritan, which is produced WITHOUT BPA. That means Hydration Junkie bottles can be reused forever, and they don’t contain any added nasty plastic byproducts. Tritan is the cleanest, clearest, strongest plastic available- often compared to glass. It’s also free of halogens, sulfur, nitrogen, lead, mercury, cadmium, and hexavalent chromium; keeping more of these chemicals out of your water and out of the waste stream. Clean, clear, nearly unbreakable, and BPA Free? Sign us up! 

A bonus to the environment? The production of BPA-free water bottles, fewer fossil fuels and toxins are released into the atmosphere during the manufacturing process, making the Transporter Jug a clean water bottle with a smaller carbon footprint than others!  By choosing the BPA-free Transporter Jug, you no longer have to purchase countless packs of water at the grocery store and are keeping your water clean- You are doing your part in assisting with the plastic pollution issue.

Higher quality- odor, taste and stain resistant

The plastic we use is strong and clear like glass. It will never get hazy or cloudy, no matter how many times you wash it! Not only is it stain proof, it is also resistant to corrosion by detergents, hydrocarbon solvents, oils, perfumes, and more!  Tritan also never leaves your water tasting like anything other than water, so your Transporter Jug will be refreshing forever. 

Incredible impact strength and durability.

The plastic used in the Transporter Jug, Tritan, is known for its strength and its incredible glass-like clarity. This material makes the Transporter lightweight and shatter resistant. This means you don’t have to worry about our Transporter Jug getting cloudy. The jug will last longer than any bottle you’ve ever had. The Hydration Junkie Transporter Jug is lighter, stronger, and it lasts longer-it is the gym partner that outlasts you! It is also the best carry friendly water jug you’ll own.

Instead of buying another disposable water bottle/jug, do your part by purchasing a Hydration Junkie Transportation Jug - your new favorite drinking partner. The Hydration Junkie jugs are made out of the top of the line plastic in existence, strong, clear, and reusable. It is the ultimate replacement and a money saver when compared to the number of disposable and reusable bottles! It is also incredibly handy!