Multi Colors

There are many water jug companies that use cheap plastics to make their products. These cheap plastics are prone to cracking which result in unwanted leaks or spills. You can avoid these annoying mishaps with Hydration Junkies Transporter Jug. From fitness to daily use, it holds enough water capacity to last throughout the day and to ensure your hydration goals are met. It’s made with medical grade, BPA/BPS free plastic that is odorless, shatter resistant and dishwasher safe.

Plus, it comes in multiple colors. Never have trouble remembering which water bottle at the gym is yours with Black, Red, Purple, Green, and Pink colors. Easily identify your jug among all the other ones at the gym or during every day activities at home or work. All colors are easy to spot, and they are great color choices for both men and women.  The Transporter Jug by Hydration Junkie provides its drinkers with less juggling, fewer water fountain visits and more time to get in the perfect workout each time you hit the gym, on the hike, or on the go with your daily tasks. Keep track of your water intake and stay hydrated in style with our 3-liter jug. Order yours today and avoid struggling to keep things organized at the gym. We ship everywhere USPS and FedEx delivers. And be sure to tag us on social media with your jug at @hydrationjunkie and use #HydrationJunkie, #CarrySmart, #HydrateSmart hashtags.