Selfies Galore

The Transporter Jug was designed with functionality, quality, and aesthetics in mind. It’s the ultimate gym buddy! We created it to be efficient and to maximize organization. With the Hydration Junkie Transporter Jug, you never have to worry about carrying around a selfie stick again. Manage your hydration intake and document your workouts with your phone while the phone is safely attached to the jug. The Transporter Jug holds your phone in place and lets you keep track of all your personal belongings.  Never fear that you will drop your phone trying to get the perfect photo/video angle of yourself at the gym. Record your workouts and photograph your fitness progress every time you go to the gym or on a casual hiking trail. Stop stressing over shaky footage or blurry photos.

Go hands free with the magnetic phone attachment wherever you go. The durable 3-liter Transporter Jug is perfect for meeting your daily hydration goals and it allows you to capture selfies throughout your day. The Transporter water jug makes it easy for you to carry all of your belongings at the gym or through out the day and on the go. Now you can stay hydrated and keep all your stuff with you everywhere you go, including you phone so you are always selfie prepared for each camera-ready moment. The Transporter Jug by Hydration Junkie is the only water jug that knows how to multitask! We’d love to see your selfies with the Transporter Jug.  You can tag Hydration Junkie in your content and use #HydrationJunkie, #CarrySmart, #HydrateSmart hashtags on Instagram and/or Facebook!