Phone Attachment

Keep all your personal belongings together, including your phone, with the Transporter Jug by Hydration Junkie. The 3-liter water jug comes with a magnetic attachment for your phone. You can keep your phone with you at the gym, and never worry about leaving it at a weight lifting machine or on a treadmill ever again. Rest assured that the Hydration Jug is durable and made with medical grade, BPA/BPS free plastic. Its shatter resistant, so you don’t have to worry about easy cracking and getting your phone wet or damaged. Jugs will not leak if the large mixing cap & the small drinking cap are fully tightened and the silicone washers are in their place.

The Transporter Jug is perfect for those of you who enjoy watching videos, movies, or just recording yourself when you are working out or in the office setting. It allows you to enjoy some entertainment hands free, all while being active or relaxing with your feet up. After you purchase your Transporter Jug, it will arrive with a metal plate (2"x3") that you can attach to your phone, case, and/or leave it loose inside your case. You can also use your existing plate, if you have one - i.e same plates that phone car mounts use. Once you attach the metal plate to your phone, you can attach the phone to the jug; the phone attaches to multiple magnets, that are covered with PVC, to ensure strong resistance and protection for the magnets. Get yourself a Transporter Jug today and see why we consider it the ultimate gym and hydration buddy!