Dual Handles

Working out makes you sweat and sweating makes your hands slippery. It can be difficult to hold on to your regular water bottle. A difficult water bottle results in spills and no one likes cleaning up liquid mess. At Hydration Junkie we wanted to develop a water solution that was efficient and easy to carry. That’s why we designed the Transporter Jug. It comes with two four-finger grip handles. That’s two more handles than most other water bottles. We know that 3 liters can be a bit difficult to carry around and that’s why we made sure the handles have a no slip grip and ergonomically convenient! There’s one handle on the side that you can hold while you drink and a top handle for easy transporting. Stay hydrated and avoid side distractions!

No more spilling water down the front of your shirt with a handle like this! The other handle is on the top for on-the-go-ease. It makes carrying the Transporter Jug easy after a long hard workout when you are sweaty and tired from exercising or just being busy throughout the day. Don’t worry if you drop the jug though! It’s made with a BPA/BPS free medical grade plastic material called Tritan. It’s industry leading and the safest material that a lot of baby bottle companies use, plus it’s also shatter resistant. The Transporter Jug is the ultimate gym and on-the-go buddy that’s easy to use and even easier to hold onto! The Transporter Jug is a first-of-its-kind 3 Liter water jug that does all the heavy lifting for you.