Detachable Keychain

The Transporter Jug is your ultimate gym buddy. It was designed to be a hands-free, carry-all jug built for organization and efficiency. Focus on your workouts instead of worrying about your phone, keys, cash, cards, and ID. Hook your keys to the carabiner attached to the four-finger grip side handle and get your workout in! Long gone are the days of tripping over your car keys or digging through a bowl full of keys when your just ready to rest after a hard workout.

The Transporter Jug saves you time at the gym by keeping all your items in one place instead of having to place them in a locker, on the floor or bouncing around in your pocket. With the Transporter Jug there is no more panic because of misplaced personal belongings. You can stop checking the lost and found counter for your keys because you left them at one of the many workout stations at the gym. Just hook ‘em in and go about your business. Stay organized, hydrated, and healthy with your Transporter Jug by Hydration Junkie. We saw a need for a better water jug and that’s exactly what we offer our customers. it is a state-of-the-art water jug made with durable plastic right here in the USA. Sick of your average water bottle, try the Transporter Jug. It has all the functions of a typical jug along with convenient features that make getting around the gym easier.