Is Plastic Leaking Into Your Bottled Water?

The answer is yes and this may something that not a lot of you may not be aware of or thought about while you are drinking nice cold bottled water that you bought at the gas station.

Yes, bottled water can be a great convenience and is a readily accessible option when it comes to drinking water. It can get you out of a pinch when you are thirsty. But… do you really want to be drinking water that may be contaminated?

And not only are you drinking contaminated water, but you are polluting the environment with every water bottle you drink.

Here is what some recent studies have discovered about is there plastic in your bottled water.

Recent Studies Have Revealed…

Orb Media reported at the end of 2017 that 93% of bottled water showed signs of contamination from microplastics. Yuck, if you ask me. They also reported that a single liter of bottled water can contain thousands of microplastic particles.

And the question now is what can contamination do to your body? Although, this information is still unknown and current studies are being conducted. We will have to stay tuned for the published findings.

Water Bottles Are Not Eco-Friendly

In case you have missed this news that water bottles aren’t friendly for the environment.

Tons and tons of pounds of plastic are found in the ocean each year. Therefore, impacting the marine ecosystem that is not so healthy and definitely won’t exist in due time.

Here are three numbers to think about the next time you want to drink bottled water...

Think again before you grab that next water bottle.

Save the Environment with an Eco-Friendly, Reusable Water Bottle

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You can always add some ice to your water if you prefer to drink cold water or add some fruit to infuse your water. Just remember to fill it up at home, at the gym, or at the airport for your next water break.