How Water Consumption Affects The Brain

The human brain is composed of about 95 percent water, blood is about 82 percent water and the lungs are about 90 percent water. 

With a body containing such vital organs that are comprised of nearly all water, how important is it that we keep hydrated?

Proper water intake is key for the proper function of the brain, kidneys, as well as the muscular and neurological systems. Just a 2 percent drop in hydration can cause slight, but crucial, shrinkage of the brain. This shrinkage can cause confusion, slower thinking, anxiety and impaired neuromuscular control. 

Dehydration does not just effect the brain. Effects on the physical body including reduced endurance, decreased strength and slow muscular response can happen with dehydration. 

Improper hydration is the number one cause of daytime fatigue. It is estimated that 75 percent of all Americans suffer from mild, chronic dehydration. This is alarming because so much of the body’s essential functions are dependent on water — proper kidney function, sodium/electrolyte/potassium balance and digestive function as well as maintaining healthy blood flow. 

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